What Things to Take to a Music Festival


What Things to Take to a Music Festival

If you're new to music festivals or need a reminder about what to take along for your comfort and security and to make sure it’s all fun, the following guide should, help or jog your memory about the time you forgot something. These pointers and tips are a must, especially if you’re planning to camp for the weekend at a music festival. Start packing the most important items first, and then sort out the luxury items you want to take along. Oh, and don’t forget to take your smartphone, iPhone or digital camera for some really good shots, but remember, it's seen as in poor taste (and may be against the rules) to take flash pics of a band while they're playing.


Grab a Copy of the Festival Schedule

Start by visiting the festival's website for their guidelines and schedule check out the FAQ page to see what the rules are, then make a list of them and print the guidelines up to take with you, or save the page to your smartphone. But printing is preferable in case your phone battery runs out or there is no reception. Some festivals won’t let you bring drinks and food and there might be camping restrictions. Buy a portable battery charger for your phone and enough batteries to keep it going, especially if electric outlets are not available. Don’t forget your parking passes and music festival tickets.


Everyone knows how dangerous UV rays are and at a music festival you’ll be at risk, so slap on the 50+ sunblock. Don’t forget to reapply it every couple of hours.


Reusable Water Bottles

There are bound to be water stations at the festival so you don’t need to buy bottled water that will end up polluting the oceans; instead, take along a couple of reusable water bottles you can refill them. A hydration backpack is good for such occasions.

Head lamp

A head lamp is great for campers anywhere who don't want to trip over on a night-time trek to the porta-loo and you can use both hands to set up tents, make up the beds and do whatever needs to be done.


Chairs and a Blanket

You’ll no doubt want to sit down at some point and watch some bands. Take a blanket if it’s a bit chilly or windy. Some festivals won’t allow chairs but you’ll find that most of them do, so take along a folding camp chair that’s light and easy to carry, then sit back and enjoy your freedom, the music and soak in the atmosphere.

If you’re going to an overseas music festival don’t forget to check with your travel health provider what vaccinations may be recommended or required, as well as other travel health advice, to keep you healthy and well.


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