Tickets for the 2017 Festival

The 2017 Festival is fast approaching,

The line-up is: Dog Gone South, Blues Mountain , Blue Eyes Cry and John-Luke Shelley and High Speed Steel.

Saturday 25th Feb ..12noon-8pm Otways Tourist Park (Full Line-Up)

Saturday 25th Feb ..7.30pm til late Gellibrand River Hotel (Dirty Soul + Special Guest)

Sunday 26th Feb ..1pm-4pm Otway Estate (Blues Mountain) $10 entry

**early-bird tickets $35 include entry to Otways Tourist Park Saturday and Otway Estate on Sunday**

Blues Mountain won the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society (MBAS) Blues Challenge (Band) 2016 competition. They will represent the MBAS, along with other Australian Blues Clubs Challenge winners, in Memphis in January 2017 at the International Blues Challenge., well done guys.

This Festival will be our sixth annual Festival, we are continuing our tradition of bringing you the best blues bands in the country at the Otways Tourist Park venue in Gellibrand. We have eight hours of non-stop Blues as well as good food , and Otway Estate Winery and Brewery will be here again with handcrafted ciders and beers. This is a ticketed event, entry is $30 for adults and $10 for children (12-16yrs). Looking forward to seeing you there!

Please click here to purchase tickets.

5 Apps Every Blues Music Enthusiast Needs

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5 Apps Every Blues Music Enthusiast Needs

Music apps are very handy and, when mixed with genre love, can be the best apps around.

The blues may not be your go-to music genre for app lovers—something about the blues evokes a certain vintage quality that eschews all modern technology for more retro outfits—but the truth is, the digital age has made loving the blues that much easier and that much more accessible.

For enthusiasts who really dig the history, rich sounds, and incredible performances of blues musicians, there are great options for discovering even more. From internet radio stations primed for blues only to a “blues trail” app that takes the listener down a historic journey, these are the five must-have apps for every person who says he loves the blues.

1.     Blues Music Radio Stations

Discover your favorites and new hits with this music radio app that allows you to choose between different blues radio playlists to arrive at the one station that is absolutely perfect for you. With over 50 different subgenres of radio to choose—from American Road Radio to Bar Rockin’ Blues—you can sit back and let the radio stations pick the best tunes for you.

Available for iOs. Free.

2.      YouTube

The YouTube app may be an obvious go-to, but it’s breadth and width of music is as deep as the internet goes—and for blues lovers this is great news. From blues around the world to the latest ingénues, YouTube is hands down the best website (and app!) around for accessing free music. For vintage or lesser-known favorites, YouTube can be the only source for it, and with great tools like a virtual private network, it can be accessed anywhere in the world.

For customizing the app for blues, create your own playlists, like people’s videos, and follow users who post your favorites to create a personal experience with this mega platform. My advice is always to start with one of your favorite artists, like B. B. King or John Lee Hooker, and let the YouTube rabbit hole lead you down.

Available for iOS, Android. Free.

3.      Mississippi Blues Trail

Mississippi Blue Trail is the app for the history buff who just can’t get enough blues tunes. Begin in the homeland of the genre and take a tour down memory lane with this app that will point out all the hotspots in Mississippi, USA. Perfect for a die-hard blues enthusiast or a casual alternative tripper, this app will lead you to markers along the timeline of the blues genre to hear both music and fun facts you’ve never encountered before.

You can create your own itinerary, chase down must-see markers, and discover the connections between your favorite artists and the places that created them. Funded by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and more, this is one app that will expand your knowledge not just musically but culturally as well.

Available for iOS. Free.

4.      Blues Music Radios

While Blues Music Radios app isn’t one of the free ones, it definitely delivers with the best, most curated blues playlists around and without all of the annoying ads that come with most internet radios. From delta blues to contemporary blues, you can select the subgenre of your liking and jam until your battery runs out of power. With an easy to use interface and plenty of options to choose from, this app is by far the best on the market for straight-up blues tunes with zero fuss. 

Available for iOS. $5.99.

5.     Blues Music Trivia

For blues lovers who are confident in their genre skills, I suggest downloading the Blues Music Trivia App to challenge your knowledge. With over 90 different trivia questions about the genre, this app can provide the perfect distraction on your commute to work or while you wait in line for your morning cup of joe. With obscure facts and folkloric tidbits, genre fans will love getting ahead with some of their blues-loving friends by testing them on subgenre history, famous artists, songs and more.

Available for iOS. $0.99.

Blues has a long history that leads all the way through cultural upheaval and ends with influencing almost every modern song you hear on the radio. So to get a little closer to the style that’s responsible for everyone from Leon Bridges to John Mayer, invest a little time and iCloud space to include these great apps into your every day.

About me: Cassie is an avid music lover with interest in everything from Czech dechovka folk music to European freetekno and is always on the search for the next great thing. From blogging to spending hours finding the coolest music festivals around—she hopes to be off to the Blues & Blueberry Festival next—she loves to discover the best jams and apps for making listening and discovery easier than ever. She hopes you enjoy these five apps for listening to the blues; it’s one of her most beloved genres!

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The 5th Annual Blues & Blueberry Festival Wrap Up :)


By popular demand, Otways Tourist Park again hosted the 5th Annual Blues & Blueberry Festival on the 27th of February 2016, The Market Day took place on the 28th.

What a weekend we had. A big thank you to everybody who came, the bands which were absolutely fantastic, Hamish and Kelly from the Otway Estate Winery for helping everyone stay hydrated, Kim and the girls from the Otways Tourist Parks Bistro for the great food, and everyone that helped make this years festival such a success.

Keep an eye out on the Blues & Blueberry Web Site and Facebook Page for details of next years festival.
Why not plan to make a weekend of it next year? Book your accommodation at the Otways Tourist Park, get in early!

The 5th Annual Blues & Blueberry Festival is on the 27th of February 2016

By popular demand, Otways Tourist Park will again host the 5th Annual Blues & Blueberry Festival on the 27th of February 2016, from 12.00 noon to 8.00 pm.

Again, there will be a great music line-up as well as the Otway Estate Winery & Brewery mobile bar, food stalls and hot and cold beverages. For those people who have attended before, we can guarantee another memorable day and for those first timers, we look forward to having you here to experience a great day.

Keep an eye out here for upcoming event details.
Why not make a weekend of it? See the Otways Tourist Park Web Page, or click on the accommodation link on this website to book, be sure to get in early!